10 days and counting

10 days from today.

No, let me backtrack.

6 days from today. 6 days ago I said goodbye to my beautiful John Lewis brought furniture, the bulk of my shoe collection, my really pretty cutlery from Zara home and countless other nicknacks that I had managed to  secrete into any gap I could find. My bits and bobs were sent off to be placed upon a shipping container where they will spend the next 8-10 weeks bobbing across the pond where (fingers crossed) they will join me and and my fam as we set up home in New Jersey.

10 days today, we fly.

I am freaking out. It is 12.09pm and I am freaking out.

Hubs is currently en route back from a stag do in Ibiza (great timing, thanks for that). I am sat in bed, being kicked by BC – my irrationally angry, overwhelmingly adorable when sleeping 2-year old lunatic – freaking out.

Hence the start of this blog.

In my every day life, when I need calm, I write lists. Lists of lists. I even write things on lists I’ve already done just so that I can cross them off because I forgot to put them on the list before I had done the task. But at the mo, my lists are full of never ending things I need to do in the next 10 days. Lists are not my friend.

And so I write.

And so, to preserve my sanity, my marriage, and my sleep pattern, I will continue to write my way through our new adventure. And hope that by the end of it all I’m still coherent and not a blob of quivering jelly. And by jelly I mean the stuff you get out of the packet and serve at kids parties. I do not mean jam. And I did not mean to say jello…. Good grief, this is going to be hard.




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