Four sleeps and nine stone

This is my week in stats:

Out for dinner = 4 times

Out for lunch = 2 times

Out for breakfast = 1 time

Leaving cakes = 1

Alcohol units consumed = 5,000

Calories consumed = 5 billion

Weight gained = at least 9 stone

Number of times cried = 3

Number of times felt guilty because I’m not crying as much as I should = 103

Number of cuddles = 27,000

Number of times said ‘see you soon’ = 27,000

Number of times said ‘goodbye’ = big fat zero. This is the Voldemort of words right now.

As from tomorrow, the words ‘this week’ will have a whole new meaning. It will mean we are going THIS WEEK.

And I’m not going to lie, I am now bloody freaking excited.

However, I am also feeling bloody massively privileged. It’s not often you are in a situation where you see physically and hear verbally how loved you are, and can bear witness to just how many wonderful people you have around you.

And this week we have been so lucky to have experienced that.

And it’s incredibly humbling.


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