In my head I can hear the Countdown tune.

Do they have Countdown in the states?

With 1.5 days to go, I’m all of a sudden remembering things I need to do.

Cancel car insurance. Not done. Take back suitcase. Replace with bugger suitcase. Not done. Pack hand luggage. Not done. Final wash of clothes to be dry before tomorrow. Not done.

Write inane lists of things I haven’t done. Done.

I’m just so bloody tired at the mo. It’s bloody exhausting saying goodbye to people, places, homes, familiarity. 

I have eaten crap and not done anything that could even pretend to resemble exercise and so I feel horrendous in myself. Parts of me I didn’t even know existed now wobble when I jog up the stairs. My hair is like straw. My skin can’t decide if it wants to be a desert or an oil slick.

I’ve just changed my Invisalign retainer and so I currently feel like I want to rip out my top row of teeth.

And I can’t sleep. It’s 5.58am and I’ve been awake since 4.03am. 

I’ve read every single article on mail online  (UK and US news). But I haven’t actually read anything useful.

 Like where do we go to register for a social security number when we arrive? How far is it from Newark airport to the hotel we’re heading to? Car leases – can we do it given that as an expat we’ll have no credit history whatsoever? What does the health care package The Hubs work provide actually include?

But I do know about the couple currently being taken to court for trying to force a threesome on their mate. And that some bloke from TOWIE and some girl from Geordie Shore are probably going to hook up on Celebrity Big Brother.



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