T’was the night before flying 

T’was the night before flying,

And all through our home

It was carnage and chaos 

I can’t find my phone.

I’ve packed suitcases multiple times in one day.

I’ve had it. Let’s just throw all of this shit away

Do you need seven blazers? Or nine pairs of shorts?

We’re not taking those trainers. 

Where the hell’s the passports?

I’ve worn the same clothes every day for a week

I feel I’ve lost something…

….Shit, it’s visas I seek.

This time tomorrow we’ll be up in the air

If it’s not sorted by then, I truly don’t care

I mean it, I won’t give a fuck anymore.

Who cares if I left all my bras on the floor?

Or forget to do that thing that I meant to do all day. 

Fuck it. At last we’ll be on our way.


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