I ❤ New Jersey… and New York

Okay. I’m sold. 

Nearly 48hrs and I love this place.

So does BC. She’s currently on the phone to Mickey Mouse telling him about airplanes.

I honestly didn’t think I’d feel this way so soon.

I truly hope I dont offend anyone when I say that I’ve never had any interest to go to New York. 

I’m not into shopping and that’s what everyone told me I should go for. 

I always wanted to go to San Fran or Chicago. Somewhere where (I felt) I would experience something new. New York (I felt) would be just like London but with taller buildings.

Yesterday, I experienced New York. 

Mr M (the hubs) is going to be based dowwwwwwwn town (if I ever stop singing that when I say it, shoot me) in the financial district so we did a dummy run to work out how he’d get in.

New York I love ya!!!

Again, I hope I don’t offend anyone when I say that you were JUST like London except with taller buildings. And that is a-okay. 

Because rather than seeing it for the first time as a tourist, the first time I saw it was when I was calling it home. 

And so I adored it for reminding me of London. London is the place I used to escape to whenever I wanted to, well, escape. I’d get a train in – took me just 27 or 32 minutes – and just walk around.

Yesterday it took me 20mins to get a bus into Port Authority Bus Terminal. 

I have a new escape place. 

The funny thing is that right now I don’t feel any need to escape.

Right now, I am blimming happy and excited about life.

Because tomorrow, we house hunt!


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