Living with no

This week has been testing.

I adore BC, but she is pushing boundaries.

To be fair, her speech has come on remarkably since we’ve been hanging out. I now get variations of the word ‘no’ rather than just the flat ‘no’ that I had previously

Can you drink some juice please, it’s hot?
No, thank you mummy

Time for bed
No, don’t want to

We need to change your nappy
No, not now

Come on, eat your cereal
No, don’t like it

It truly makes me wonder what little thoughts are whirring around her head to make ‘no’ her go-to response. And I know it’s not just BC, I know that this is toddler-dom. Which makes me wonder even more. Why do we have a whole age of negativity?

I understand that this is probably one of the more frequent words that gets said to them, and so they are most likely to repeat it. But they also get told so many positive messages – things like ‘well done’ and ‘you can do it’ – that you’d think they’d be a little less negative sometimes.

**seperate story, still related

BC’s latest thing has been to add ‘alright’ onto the end of rants. For example ‘No not that way, wanna go this way, alright?’.

She’s been doing it incessantly and whilst it’s quite hilarious to hear (she happens to do it in a very cockney accent), it’s also naughty and we don’t want her sayingย it. We were racking our brains as to where she had learnt it from.

Until we were in the middle of a shop, she was playing up, and Mr M bent down and said:
‘If you do that again, you won’t be going to the park, alright?’

And as I heard him saying ‘alright’, I also heard him realise what he was saying.

And then we knew.**

Anyway – back to the point.

The reason I mention this is because I’ve become quite amazed at the parallel universe that is living with a two-year old, and trying to set up a new life in a new country.

‘No’ seems to be the word of the day. Every day.

My five favourite no’s of this week have been:

5. No, the payment won’t go through because your account has been put on fraud alert
We had only been sent and activated the card that morning, it was our first time using it, and we were buying an iron. The masterminds of fraud are clearly more domestic than we were ever led to believe – cyber-hacking? Pshaw! How have they got time to cyber-hack when they have to iron their shirts?

4. No, your fridge won’t work because we need to order a part for you
Then why the bloody hell were we allowed to move in?

3. No, we can’t take you on an Uber journey
Turns out my UK bank had also suspended my UK account due to the inordinate number of Uber journeys I’ve had to take since being here. Thank you for being so vigilant, but maybe sometimes contact me first to see if it’s me? Rather than leaving me stranded in an Ikea car park with a blue bag full of stuff and a tantrumming toddler?

2. No, we can’t send you the right TV
This was a close call with number one. Such a close call! So, we ordered a TV. This is Mr M’s domain so, as you can imagine, it was some very large, silver, curved screen thing with so many numbers and letters after its name it’s like it had graduated from some prestigious university. Anyway, when we opened the box, inside was a flat screen TV, wrong model, not curved, scuffs and scratches all over the frame (which was black, not silver), clearly used… oh, and the screen was smashed.

And we particularly needed that TV on that day as we had the cable guy coming out to hook it all up and he had said that we had to have a TV ready to do so.

1. Just no.
This one took the biscuit. We called the company in question up in utter bewilderment/suppressed rage about what on earth had been delivered to us in point two. We explained the situation, tried to explain the state of the TV, and explained that we needed to have the TV for the Wednesday (this was Monday). We were told that the very most they could do was get a TV out to us for Friday, that despite the terrible service (which they did agree this was) they offer no kind of compensation whatsoever, and finally at the very end of the call we had a mumbled sorry – strike that, we had an ‘I apologise’. This is not the same as I’m sorry, in my book.

I know that in a months time, we will look back on all of this and chuckle.

Because aside from all of that, we really, truly are loving it here. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

And yesterday morning, BC was playing with my hair, leaned forward and said to me ‘I love you so much mummy’.

And my heart literally burst.


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